Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is this shop selling parts for me to 'DIY' at home? Or the shop will come to set up for me?

- Some smart home products are too heavily promoted as DIY. 
- Many customers tell us that when they see all the parts, and they think 'Wait a minute, I don't think I can do that' or they do not want to spend time to navigate on their own which may not work at the end. 


2. I do not think I need to make my home a Smart Home. 
- With one touch button or mobile phone application, you can control numerous systems efficiently
- It also permits you to deal with your home system from the over the house or over the world. Draw the shades, turn off lights, and monitor humidity and temperature. 
- You do not have to move all over the house to perform various functions. With smart devices, you can perform household operations while sitting comfortably on the sofa or in bed.
- It is like you may not know how smartphone makes our life easier before using it.

3. I do not want to make radical changes about my home. I do not want to go through the mess of having a renovation again.

- We could build the systems at your existing design and try our best to retain what you are using right now. 

- Like our Smart Lighting System, you could use your favorite ceiling lights. 

- Please let us know when you are renovating for a new home, we could offer tailor made solution that gives more flexibility and options to make your home smarter.

- Unless you have stuff that obstructs the access to your light switches or window, otherwise you do not have to move or pack anything like when renovating your home.

4. How can I control my curtain or light after installation? 

You can control the system by cellphone, tablet or remote control.


5. Can the system be controlled by a few family members instead of just controlled by me? 
Yes sure. You could share the control function with your family to make the system controlled by multiple users.


Media Coverage
We are happy to share our work with media and public. 
Smart Curtain System

1. I do not have any plugs near my window to provide electricity for the curtain motor. What can I do?
We have an option for rechargeable lithium battery for smart curtain system.

2. I want to install sheer and shade curtains. Do I need two systems? 
You may place a single order and tell us you need a ‘multi-track system’.

3. I am afraid the motorized curtain is not strong enough to support my heavy weight curtain?
The motor delivers torque capable of carrying curtains up to 110 lbs (typical weight for a curtain more than 8ft wide).


Smart Lighting System

1. What is the meaning of Scene?

A scene is a combination of smart home controls saved under a unique name for a specific time and date, or action. Scenes can be created by a homeowner. Scenes allow you to customize the sequences of technology in your home and tie them together to create an experience.

Like you want certain lights to be switched on when you watch TV or read at home. After setting up the scene, you could switch on the elements of that scene by just one button.




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