Food Acceptance Rapid Test

Food intolerance is much more common than food allergy.

Varied Symptoms may be observed and 

may varied from individuals to individuals.


NutriSMART -

Food Acceptance Rapid Test

Innovative testing – Quick & Reliable

We screen your food intolerance towards 57 food items with a tiny amount of blood from your fingertip. The rapid test requires only a few drops of capillary blood. It can be conducted by any trained personnel without further facility and leads in about 30 minutes to a qualitative result. 

Revolutionary Technology from Germany

NutriSMART is the first rapid test in the world that tests IgG antibody in a pocket-sized device, with comparable accuracy against conventional lab test. The manufacturer orginates from Germany and it specialises in allergy and intolerance testing for the past decades. 

Total of 57 items, enough to cover your dietary habits
Comprehensive and Reliable Experience


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