Smart Curtain System

Lying in bed and need to get up to swtich curtains?

Oversleeping when having curtains closed?

Find it difficult to move the heavy curtain?

Too much sunlight from west-facing windows, the house is hot like an oven in the afternoon?

Winner of Germen Award in Product Design
Each Smart Curtain System consists of:

a Motor + Rails based on the size of your window + a Remote control;

After Having your Smart Curtain system installed:

Control your curtain by: 

Remote controls, smartphones, a gentle touch of curtain - could activate curtain motions

Even if you are not at home, you can also open and close the curtains to avoid excessive indoor sunlight exposure.

For the elderly or those with limited mobility, no assistance is needed to control the opening and closing of curtains

Set a Timer to suit your schedule: 

You can preset the curtain to automatically open and close at specified time.

What Make Our Curtain System Special:

High Performance, Responsive, 

Durable and Anti-interfer​ence

Highly sensitive manual panel: 

A gentle touch at curtain could activate the curtain motion

Intelligent conduction: 

When the curtain encounters resistance during its opening and closing, the motor will protect itself and automatically suspend the operation, greatly extending the service life of the motor.

Quiet design: 

Advanced sound and noise reduction technology allows smooth and quiet movement of the curtain along the rails.

Highly precise One-button control with RF: 

True 360-degree no dead angle, 0.5-millisecond high-efficiency detection. 

Energy saving: 

20 years of service life, 13W electricity, less than 1 kWh a year


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