Smart Lighting System

Controll all lighting with one remote control 

Reaching or  leaving home: Switching on and off at the main door 

Going to sleep: Turning off the light at your apartment even you are in bed. 

No additional laying or introduction of wires

Our Smart System works with your favorite lamps.
We are not selling 'smart' light bulbs to replace your lamps. We put your existing lamp on the smart system by changing the light switches.

Each Smart Lighting System consists of:
Light switches + Remote control + Keep using your favorite lights or lamps

After Having your Smart Lighting system installed:

Control the lighting by: 

Remote controls, smartphones, a gentle touch at the Smart light switches.

Make life easier: 

Even if you forgot to switch off the light after you left home, you can still swtich off the light via the app on your smartphone remotely anytime and anywhere.

For the elderly or those with limited mobility, controlling the lighting becomes very easy.

Put your favorite light on a Smarter system: 

Unlike many brands of smart lighting that makes you to use their 'smart' light blubs, what we do is to install smart light switch to make your light capable to 'communicate' with the Smart system.

Set a Timer to suit your schedule: 

You can preset the light to be on and off automatically at specified time. Some frequent travelers love to do this to make it seem like someone is home.

What Make Our Lighting System Special:

Lighting scene settings:

Set your home lighting to suit different needs

Intelligent timing setting: 

Automatic light switch, support timer countdown, single or repeat timing

Sensitive touch panel with LED backlight:

Tempered glass panels, sturdy and sleek like your mobile phone screens, could respond quickly. Soft LED light indication makes it easy to use no matter day and night.

EU CE certification: Quality assurance


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