Cortisol Salivary Test


1. What is cortisol?

Cortisol is a steroid secreted in adrenal gland. It is called a “stress hormone” because it is released in stress. Normally, cortisol is secreted according to a regular pattern throughout the day. Any disrupt in the pattern can cause body dysfunction.




2. Why use saliva as sample for the test?

According to many recent researches, free cortisol is present in saliva, but not in serum or urine. Also, salivary cortisol is stable for 7 days. Sample can also be collected under a stress-less condition, thus not affecting the result of the test.



3. How much saliva is needed for the test?

Seven samples of saliva are required for the test. They are collected at different time throughout the day.



4. Do I have to store the saliva samples in the refrigerator or freezer immediately?

No. Studies have shown that salivary cortisol is stable at room temperature for a period of 7-10 days.



5. How can my saliva reflect my stress state?

Cortisol is secreted in the adrenal gland throughout the day. A regular pattern is observed. If there are any abnormal deviations with your pattern, you may encounter a particular stressful condition that may interrupt the secretion pattern. This might be a signal for a change in lifestyle.



6. How should I return the sample?

By calling us at (852) 2110 2133, we could arrange a test kit for you to collect. After you got the test kit, you might collect your saliva sample anytime. When sample collection is done, you could return the test kit to us at our office hour. Then the samples would be sent to Germany for analysis.



7. When will I receive my report?

It takes around 10-20 days for analysis and shipment.



8. Will there be any follow-up after I received my report?

When the report is ready, please schedule a time with us to arrange a consultation session to discuss the report. Our in house nutritionist would explain the report and provide recommendations to your case. 



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