Food Acceptance Rapid Test


1. How accurate is this test?

Result from NutriSMART has been compared with our in house sIgG4 ELISA test, accurate results with 80% of consistency are obtained. 


2. Is there any follow up test? If yes, what would it be?

Patients should re-test with NutriSMART after a successful food elimination period to check their sIgG4 levels.


3. I have watched the video of testing procedure. I believe I can perform the whole procedure on my own. Can I buy the kit and do everything on my own?

Though the test kit is very easy to perform, we recommend to book a time with us to have your test perform at our office. Our experienced staff will interpret your result and sharing health tips for your optimal health.


4. Where is the test kit made?

Designed and made in Germany, by accredited laboratory.


5. Is there any restriction before doing this test?

The test is not predictive – it can only work with the food that you have been consuming in last 3 months. Also, you are advised to avoid medication that suppress immune response, including intravenous or oral steroids.


6. How long can this test trace my food reaction?

In general, this test could trace your reaction to food that you have consumed in last 3 months.


7. What should I do after getting the test result?

Usually level 3 is considered to be positive. However, if you experience specific symptoms, then even level 2 is also considered relevant.


8. If I found to be reactive to some foods, do I have to avoid them in my lifetime?

No, after eliminating them for 2-3 months, you may slowly reintroduce the food back to your diet.


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